How Many Calories Do You Burn Doing Insanity The Asylum

How many calories do you burn doing Insanity The Asylum? Insanity The Asylum is the latest calorie burning DVD series from Shaun T and Beachbody. Insanity The Asylum is a hardcore and intense exercise system that should only be performed by people in good enough shape to withstand a maximum calorie burn. The question is how many calories do you burn doing Insanity The Asylum.

As I have looked around at countless reviews and talked to countless people about the Insanity The Asylum workout system I have found that the amount of calories burned using Insanity The Asylum is different from person to person. Some people have reported burning 300 calories an hour for some of the Insanity The Asylum workouts while others have burned as many as 800 or more. The average amount of calories burned per workout over the course of the Total Insanity The Asylum workout routine is around 650 calories per routine. If you are overweight your total calories burned using Insanity The Asylum could be up to 200 more than the average. If you are very thin then your total calories burned using Insanity The Asylum could be up to 200 calories less than average. The higher your intensity during your workouts the higher number of calories you will burn. Also some of the Insanity The Asylum workouts are not as intense or as long as others. So you must average them out over the course of your workout week. Some of the maximum intensity Insanity The Asylum workouts may burn up to 1000 calories an hour while others may burn more in the 400-500 calorie range. So be sure you take the average calorie burn over the week to find out what kind of calorie deficit you are creating. A person that weighs 150-200 pounds should average a 650 calorie burn per hour. A person that weighs over 200 pounds should average a 800-1000 calorie burn. Either way you look at it Insanity The Asylum will burn a LOT of calories.

The only way to know for sure how many calories you burn doing Insanity The Asylum is to buy a heart rate monitor that also tracks the amount of calories you burn. You can pick one of these up at your local Wal Mart or fitness store fairly cheap. A heart rate monitor, with the calorie count function included, can be strapped to your body while doing the Insanity The Asylum workout. This will help you to know for sure exactly where you fall in the range I mentioned earlier.

If you dedicate yourself to eating right and using the Insanity The Asylum, or any workout system, you will see results. Do not get to concerned with the exact amount of calories you are burning. Once you begin the Insanity The Asylum workout system it will not take you long until you don't care about calories burned because your clothes will begin to hang loose on your body anyway. Good Luck!!

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  1. The one thing people should never do is calorie count. How many calories will I lose. I weigh 280 and don't care for the calorie count. It's about switching muscle out for fat. I can go through a workout doing asylum keeping up with the cd. That's the important part. You don't want to drop to far behind or the heart rate will go down. If you can't do a specific move and for my fat behind, there are plenty, I will go to Shaun T's hardest moves like side to side push ups ... if you can't lift your body ... then keep your knees high and do mountain climbers. If you are dripping sweat then you know you're working hard. Obviously, maintain a diet. 5 to 6 meals a day. The one thing I always say to people that workout with me because for 280 my stamina is much better then people at 150...... is when you're done with a workout and have energy use it. If it's a nice day.... go walking fast pace or for a jog. Or pop in Insanity OT..... or hit the situps. Never leave a workout without being tired... that's my best advice.